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Miscellaneous tutorials. 

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1-Finding file sizes-This can help to determine files you may want to delete or move.

2-Removing duplicate contacts

3-Scan an item using Image Capture.

4-Formatting a drive so a PC can use it.

6-Possible fix printing issues

5-Resizing an image with specific specs.

8-Sharing a file/folder in Google Drive

7-Installing Google Chrome

9-Importing safari Bookmarks into Chrome

10-Finding a file by knowing what type of file it is.

12-Compressing a video, I do it for my videos this way. This video was over 1GB to start now its 14.4 MB

11- Editing Safari’s autofill information

13-Doing an internet speed and quality test.

14-Changing size of screen, icon size &. Text size.

15-Forwarding email with your google account.

16-Erasing your device.