Changing the color of an item in Lightroom, then removing the background and add a new background in Photoshop. Probably the most in depth instructions yet. Do not hesitate to watch the videos before following along, especially when it get to the Lightroom and Photoshop videos

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Videos  Expert instruction to learn something new.

1-If your image is in Apple Photos now this shows you how to export it.

2-If your image is not currently in Lightroom now this explain how to add it.

3-Changing the color in Lightroom, using Lightroom’s new auto select feature

4-Manually selecting the image, good for images that need a little finesse. Also older versions of Lightroom

5-Exporting the image from Lightroom to bring it into Photoshop

6-Removing the background in Photoshop and adding a new background. Might want to watch this once before doing it.

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